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What do you need to know?

Staying on top of what people think is tough. But it’s what drives people to buy your product, donate to charity and get up in the morning. Understanding it is the key to growing your business, but old-school research agencies don’t work the same way you do. We do.

Which market should I focus on?

1. Create

You tell us what you want to find out and we create a questionnaire tailored to your needs, saving hours of conversation and days of waiting. And there’s always an expert on hand if you need help.

2. Run

We ask the public your questions. We pair industry-standard data with our automation, so you get answers that you can rely on – faster than ever.

3. Understand

No more digging through complex cross-tabs. No more paying more for analysis. Our insight engine understands your goals, crunches the data, and finds the actual answer to your question.

How will you buy your next car?

Nearly a quarter (23%) of people are likely to buy their next car entirely online – without ever visiting a dealership.

What are the most important issues facing Britain today?

The supernatural

32% of people in the UK believe that ghosts exist.

Same data, better results

We use the same data providers as the UK’s largest pollsters, so you can trust us with your research. We’re so confident that we offer a triple guarantee – if you aren’t happy with any of the following, then we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Data Millions of people across the UK, from every age, gender, and walk of life answer our surveys. That means our results are truly representative – so you can rely them to make the decisions that matter.
Speed Our cutting-edge automatic creation, sampling and weighting systems mean we can get you results fast – usually in under six hours, and never more than two days.
Satisfaction If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. That’s why we’ll happily refund you in full if you’re not satisfied with any part of your experience with us.

Tired of business as usual?

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